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tv   New Day  CNN  September 17, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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welcome to this special post-debate edition of "new day." we like to call it, michaela, same day. there hasn't been a lot of sleeping. september 17th. we are live in simi valley, california. michaela is in new york. how did donald trump do last night? a lot of conclusions after the three-hour debate on cnn. trump's rivals came out swinging. >> all right. as predicted, the race changed last night. what's the name that everybody is saying? donald trump? no. carly fiorina. could she make it on the big stage? make it, she owned. it jeb bush needed to have a big night. it seems the field will be shuffled after last night. let's find out how after the comprehensive coverage with about john berman. >> you walk through the library. it feels like a morning after the battle.
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i was looking for limbs on the floor. to extend the battle metaphor, the candidates went in with a strategy to win. some succeeded. others? take a look. >> from nearly the minute the debate started, donald trump was the man in the middle. the middle of a pile-on. >> viseral response to attack people. tall, fat, ugly. my goodness. that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his looks. >> there was trump v. paul. trump v. fiorina where he talked about her face. >> i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> no, she did not seem impressed. nor was jeb in trump v. bush.
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the subject the remarks that trump said bush was soft on immigration. >> i hope you apologize for that, donald. >> i hear phenomenal things. your wife is a lovely woman. i don't know her. >> she is. she is the absolute love of my life. why don't you apologize to her. >> i won't because i didn't say anything wrong. >> the 11 candidates were begging the moderator to get in the game. >> jake. >> jake. >> jake. >> all of the need to breakthrough. all with carly fiorina to the main debate stage targeting planned parenthood. >> anyone who has watched this videotape, i dare hillary clinton, obama to watch the tapes. a fully formed fetus on the table.
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heart beating. its legs kicking. >> marco rubio flashed knowledge and passion on foreign policy. >> the most important obligation that the federal government has is to keep the nation safe. and today we are not doing that. we are eviscerating our military and a president who is more respectful to the ayatollah khomeini and he is to the prime minister of israel. >> and i led hewlett-packard. >> she can't run my of my companies. >> you ran up mountains of debt using other people's money. you were forced to file bankruptcy. >> who cares says chris christie. >> the fact is we don't want to hear about your careers. back and forth and volleying who did well and who did poorly. you are both successful people. congratulations.
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>> the debate did have lighter moments or higher as the case may be. >> 40 years ago, i smoked marijuana. i admit it. i'm sure others did it. my mom's not happy i just did. >> and the presidential code names. >> everready. it's very high energy, donald. >> humble. >> and not to be outpartied. lindsey graham who made waves with the hard edged anti-terror policy. >> i have a plan to destroy radical islam. these are religious nazis running wild. >> that's the first thing i'll do as president. we'll drink more. >> now people we haven't mentioned in the debate. ben carson, scott walker, ted cruz, mike huckabee. that in and of itself is telling. it shows you just how hard it is to breakthrough in a debate with
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so many candidates. >> now this is the point of figuring out what happened last night and what it means. stay with us, john. let's bring in big brains on the situation. we have cnn political reporter maeve and cnn correspondent jeff zeleny. maeve, let's start with you. i have been leaning on you about carly fiorina. you said don't worry about her making it on the big stage. worry about others keeping pace with her. what did you see last night of her at her best and concern about her going forward? >> i think what was fascinating was the strong moments for carly fiorina. she blew people away at moments. you saw her biggest vulnerability emerge. we have seen that here in california. that is her record at hp. trump came after her really hard on that. democrats did as well. and there's just so much opinion out there about that. she hasn't had to deal with that
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yet in this campaign. we saw the first beginning of that last night. we could see that slide as her record comes out. >> she got more zingers. the crowd laughed for her lines. her demeanor didn't -- the tenor never changed. she wasn't smiling. she wasn't cracking jokes. >> she was serious. she had command of the stage from the get-go. she has been drawing big crowds in iowa and new hampshire. this is her chance to be on the big stage and show she belongs her. she far exceeded her rivals. it is one reason that donald trump moved to the background. this is the hugh hewitt
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interview is important. her stock rises last night more than anyone. >> that will be interesting to see. i think the theme of the night was survival. this is not about who wins the situation. people are going to have more attrition just like governor perry. one of the moments we were all looking forward to is how carly fiorina would deal with what donald trump said about her in "rolling stone." she did it in a way that may have taken some people off guard. especially donald trump. listen. >> it is interesting to me. mr. trump heard mr. bush clearly in what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> now, let's look at it from a
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plus/minus perspective. j.b., in terms of how she handled it and also the look on her face when trump was trying to make light of it and move on. >> the look after was almost as important as the word she used when she said it. she knew that was coming. that was her plan. i think her entire performance was a plan executed very well. she was never off message or off plan. that's what we might see going forward when she has to go off script. donald trump maybe blushed a bit there. the first time i have seen him look maybe sheepish. it is not a blow to donald trump from carly fiorina. he said what he said and he moved on. >> she just let it hang. her timing. she let it hang out there after she made her comment. >> this is a moment you gasp. it was such a strong, disciplined moment for her. showed how she is able to just hold perfectly for the timing.
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i thought his comeback, just as a woman, did not land. >> it did in the spin room. >> it was the same thing as the original comment to begin with. >> he almost doubled down with that comment. >> if you are a normal human being judging it, yes. if you are trump in trump world in trump's head, the same guy to make that comment. that is how he justifies it. >> the "rolling stone" article was in print. this was live in real-time. women were watching. they were watching in droves. we are seeing women in iowa and new hampshire, that did not play well. >> weren't they watching when trump went after megyn kelly? >> a different scenario watching in the split screen. >> it is not over. i was on stage when the debate ended.
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there was more glad handing in this one. he put out his hand and took a moment. she reached out and said good luck. she turned around and got out of there. >> we watched jeb bush. did he deliver, jeff? >> in total, he may have. it took him a long time to get there. this is the risk when advisers say he will be sharp and aggressive. it took him a while to rev up. that moment with his wife, i thought was powerful. >> did that help him or hurt him? >> i thought he was weak in the moment, but overall, he brought her into this. she tweeted after. >> let's watch. >> did mr. trump go too far in invoking your wife? >> he did. you are proud of your family
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just as i am. >> correct. >> to subject my wife in the middle of the raucous political conversation is inappropriate. >> i don't know your wife. i hear she is a lovely person. >> she is here. why don't you apologize. >> i won't do that because i said nothing wrong. >> some people saw that as cringeworthy. >> she tweeted out i came to america. she will be out a lot more talking about this. jeb bush wasn't perfect there. maybe looked weak. overall, that was a bad moment for donald trump. >> let me give you the bizarro world. if you are asking someone to apologize to your wife. you have to make it happen or
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raise the stakes. jeb was like apologize to her. trump said no. jeb said that's fine. >> we will end on this for this particular moment. the test for jeb bush was i'm as strong as trump. was this proof he did not get it done? >> i think it was very uneven. he had very strong moments that were what his donors were looking for. >> maeve, jeff, john, thank you so much. great way to start our coverage. coming up on "new day" at the 7:00 hour, we will speak to carly fiorina about her performance in the debate. we will speak to governor chris christie as well about how he fared. we will hear from a democratic contender bernie sanders. what did he hear last night? does he think it makes it better for him? so we all know now, alisyn, the reviews are in. >> many people say carly fiorina
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did well. how did the other candidates do? will the debate push anyone to drop out of the debate? we will have that next. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown.
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are you saying that you have the knowledge to be the president that mr. trump does not have? >> you should ask him questions in detail about the foreign policy issues our president will confront. you better be able to lead on the first day. not six months from now, not a year from now. the president will confront a national security crisis. you cannot predict it. you have to control it. >> everyone had moments last night. we are joined by john berman and political reporter maeve reston and correspondent jeff zeleny. maeve, people gave him high marks. >> strong night for marco rubio. he showed the polish he has as a candidate. jeff and i were saying he found a way to steer it back to his narrative. really polish answers. showed the gravitas on the foreign policy he has worked on
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for years. i think a lot of people will come away from the debate saying maybe this could be my guy. >> that's right. marco rubio is the leading plan "b" candidate. you may not love him now, he has not done anything in the debates yet to say he is qualifying. i thought he had a good night. on the english/spanish section, he went after donald trump more effectively. he said it is okay if i speak spanish here. marco rubio's stock is rising. >> maeve used the "g" word. gravitas. he did a great recovery last night. his opening line. i brought my own water bottle. that bomb. he recovered nicely. sometimes they don't. sometimes they know they go down. >> a long three hours. >> the "g" word.
2:49 am
what does he have to do to show he is not the kid on the panel? >> he did it. foreign policy is an issue he worked hard on for years. he talks about it whenever he can. he shows more discipline than any candidate in the field. he doesn't need to overreach in the debates. he doesn't actually need any memorable moment. he needs to finish top four or five. he can do it for three months and he will be in this the whole time and he wants to be there in february as first, second or third. >> that was the goal his advisers were clear about going in. it wasn't the same thing that jeb bush's advisers said. rubio pulled it off well. >> so much more skilled than senator obama. he was terrible in the debates. not that it matters. >> let's talk about dr. ben carson.
2:50 am
he made a quip about donald trump. listen to this moment. >> i'm in favor of vaccines. do them over a longer period of time. same amount. just in little sections. >> dr. carson. >> i think you will see a big impact on autism. >> dr. carson, you just heard his medical take. >> he's an okay doctor. but you know, the fact of the matter is, we have extremely well documented proof that there is no autism associated with vaccinations. >> jeff, that was a good moment for dr. carson. >> a great moment. he used humor. he came to life. there were moments you forgot he was on stage. doing things like that reminded you he is. i wanted more policy throughout the debate. more substance from ben carson.
2:51 am
i didn't hear a ton of it. >> he will have to grow also. did the trump/bush moment about him asking for casinos in florida, was that a big deal for you guys? if it was, i'll play it for you. >> i didn't think bush pulled it off in that moment. >> judge for yourself. they don't have it. you know what he said. bush said he came and tried to buy casinos from me. trump wanted it there. play it for the audience. see what they say. >> the one guy that had some special interests that i know of that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> totally false. >> yes, you did. you were for can sesino gamblin before, during and after. >> no way. not even possible. >> maeve threw water on me.
2:52 am
>> i will go with maeve on this one more than you. the issue is bush is more right than trump. trump wanted casinos in florida. bush did not. trump donated to bush. the bottom line is in the exchange, trump just brushed it off. sorry, little man. we will move on from the discussion. even when jeb is right. and carson. he wasn't part of the debate. he really wasn't. he did not breakthrough. he wasn't in the first debate either. his poll numbers shot up. >> thank you, guys. great analysis. >> i thought that was personal when you said little man. >> it was. >> a lot of back stabbing during the three hours. it was sweeter than sour. what do we see with truth and twisting that truth. fact checking. coming up. "same day" continuing. wher
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welcome back to "same day" as an alisyn calls it.
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we have been up all night. a lot of facts and figures thrown around last night. not all of them truthful. let's bring back john berman. >> one way to tick off donald trump is talk about bankruptcy. scott walker and carly fiorina brought up bankruptcy. watch the sound. >> you brought four projects into bankruptcy. you cannot take america into bankruptcy. >> you were forced to file bankruptcy not once, not twice, a record four times. >> i never filed for bankruptcy. >> you filed for bankruptcy there. that is the claim from carly fiorina. here is the deal. the truth is donald trump filed his businesses filed for bankruptcy for times. including casino problems in atlantic city. he never personally filed
2:58 am
bankruptcy. the companies were allowed to restructure and shed the debt. if the claim for carly fiorina is you filed bankruptcy. that's false. donald trump. has jeb bush over casino gambling in florida. he tried to push a change in florida to build casinos. listen. >> you wanted casino gambling in florida. >> totally false. >> you did. you wanted it before, during and after. i will not be bought. >> so bush is right here. trump may never have personally lobbied for gambling in florida, he had lobbyists do it on his behalf. upon taking office, bush stuck to his stance and it never materialized in florida. another topic throughout the night was planned parenthood.
2:59 am
should it be defunded. cruz accused planned parenthood of breaking the law. >> on these videos, planned parenthood also essentially confesses to multiple felonies. a felony with ten years jail term to sell the body parts of unborn children. that is what the videos of planned parenthood doing. >> the claim that it is against the law, ted cruz is false. the executives repeatedly state when their clinics donate fetal issues, the money covers costs, but does not profit. the prices mentioned does not represent a profit. >> interesting. they made a lot of claims out there. it is good to look at the facts. >> when there are facts. >> thanks, john. that was just a taste. this race changed because of the debate. we have a lot more continuing
3:00 am
coverage. let's get right to it. shall we? >> let's. >> this this is about changing the system. >> first of all, i want to build a wall. rand paul shouldn't be on this stage. >> donald trump has a bit of a point. >> i promise, if i wanted it, i would have got it. >> stop this childish back and forth. >> i just want that on the record. >> you better be able to lead the country the first day. >> we don't want to hear about your careers. >> this is about the character of our nation. >> i think she's got a beautiful nation and i think she's a beautiful woman. good morning. welcome to this post-debate edition of alisyn camerota, line of the day so many, "same day" not "new day." it's 3:00 in the morning in simi valley,


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